Alex Taylor

A PhD research student and sometimes-digital-marketer, oscillating within the realms of social media, e-commerce, consumer engagement, virtual reality and customer experiences.

This blog is designed to capture the steady stream of thoughts that fall to the cutting room floor during a research degree; deemed either too inarticulate, fanciful or half-baked to make the grade.

Take it as it comes and don’t take any of it too seriously.

The essential tenets of the semi-plagiarised, largely-unproven Trust the Process Philosophy of Good Writing

  1. Simplicity over complexity.
  2. The more you try to sound like an expert, the less likely you will be thought of as one.
  3. First, write without editing, then edit without writing.
  4. Pictures help.
  5. Analogies, euphemisms and vague metaphors only as a last resort.
  6. If you think something is witty, score it out of 10, then divide it by 6. That is how witty other people think it is.
  7. The quality of the idea is more important than any grammar rule I am aware of.
  8. These rules are intended as a guide only and will be broken regularly and vigorously.