1 on 1 Online Coaching with Sam



There is no better way to improve your health and quality of life then with one on one coaching. This is the most personal and effective way to establish your goals for the short and long term. Being coached we will establish a plan that you will need to stick to. I will continuously motivate you and keep you accountable, it’s your responsibility to do the homework that we set for you. The homework we set for you are daily tasks that you will complete between the weekly or fortnightly sessions that we arrange. Completing these tasks is vital to the success of your program. Being successful and achieving your goals is about doing the basics every single day, being consistent and adhering to the plan in place.

How the program works is this:

WE DO A VIDEO CHAT VIA SKYPE OF MESSANGER. We organise a time around your schedule.

1) Initial Consultation: This is a 60 min conversation between you and me, we identify your goals and why you want to improve your health. We analyse your current lifestyle and areas that can be improved such as food, exercise, sleep etc. We then align those lifestyle modifications with your day to day priorities. Your priorities consist of your work, family, friends and relationships. Once we understand your priorities, we identify parts of your day that you can implement the healthy lifestyle changes (homework) that we set for you.

2) Follow up Sessions: These are 45min conversations between you and me, we talk about the homework that we set for you in the previous session and whether you have been adhering to those. If you haven’t been compliant with the homework, we discuss the reasons to why that is the case and whether we can make modifications to the lifestyle changes that fits in with your everyday life. I will continue to motivate you, keeping you focused on your daily tasks and the homework that you need to adhere to so that you can achieve your goals.